Cleansing Power Flush in Goring-by-Sea, West Sussex

Improve the performance of your central heating system with our cleansing power flush solution.

Keep your radiators in good working order. Call us in Goring-by-Sea, West Sussex, for a cleansing power flush that removes dirt and debris from your heating system.

Clever Cleansing

Invest in this simple way of cleaning and improving the efficiency of your central heating. If your system is suffering from any of the following symptoms, it would benefit from a power flush:

 Central Heating System is Slow to Warm Up

 Some Radiators Are Partially or Completely Cold

 Radiators Require Frequent Bleeding

 Water in Radiators is Discoloured and Dirty

 Radiators Have Perforations and Leaks

 The Boiler Makes a Kettle like Noise

 Central Heating System has Repeated Pump or Valve Failure

 There is Warm Water in the Header Tank

Power Flush Solutions

Enjoy reduced fuel bills with an efficient power flush. By investing in this service, you'll help avoid a costly problem to your heating system in the future.

One of our customers radiator

Effective Cleaning

A power flush helps restore circulation and efficiency to your central heating system by removing unwanted dirt and debris. This simple process purges them from the system, replacing the dirty solution with clean water, which has been treated with corrosion inhibitors to help prevent similar problems.

This process is carried out with minimum disruption to your home and routine. Other benefits of power flushing your central heating include:

 Efficiency to Central Heating and Hot Water is Increased

 Fuel Bills Are Lowered

 Radiators Heat Output is Restored

 The Whole Central Heating System is Cleaned Including Underfloor Pipe Work

 Boiler Noise is Cured

 Sludge is Removed and the System is Descaled in One Visit

 Central Heating System has Repeated Pump or Valve Failure

 Power Flushing is Completed within the Day Depending on System Size

Contact Phoenix Plumbing & Heating for a cleansing power flush that helps get your central heating system back to optimum performance.

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