Comprehensive Gas Safety Check in Goring-by-Sea, West Sussex

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Gas Safety Explained

Keep to your legal requirements as a landlord by having all the gas appliances in your rental property tested for safety with Phoenix Plumbing & Heating. These checks need to be carried out every 12 months by a Gas Safe registered engineer.

We'll issue you with a gas safety certificate (CP 12) once the inspection is complete. The certificate is proof that all appliances are safe to use. A copy will need to be given to your new tenant within 28 days of being issued and you'll also need to retain a copy for two years.

Failure to produce valid gas safety certificates can result in prosecution, and can also nullify your property insurance, which in turn means you may be liable for potentially expensive civil claims. As a landlord, you're responsible for this aspect of your tenants' safety, and if non-compliance were to lead to a death from carbon monoxide poisoning, you could be charged with manslaughter.

One of our plumbers preforming a gas safety check

A Thorough Service

If Phoenix Plumbing & Heating find your appliance needs to be repaired or serviced, our engineer will carry this out during the same visit at a reduced cost. Gas safety certificates cost £65 for up to two appliances. Certificates for additional appliances are charged at £15 each. A full safety inspection includes:

 Full System Soundless Test to Confirm No Gas Leaks in Property 

 Appliance Check for Gas Soundness 

 Standing and Working Pressure Check 

 Burner Pressure and Gas Rate Checked Against Manufacture’s Data Plate and Manual 

 Ventilation Check 

 Flue Flow Test to Ensure Removal of Products of Combustion 

 Ensuring Satisfactory Operation of All Flame Failure Devices 

 Checks for Any Installation Defects That Don’t Comply with Current Legislations

Contact Phoenix Plumbing & Heating for a comprehensive gas safety check that keeps you on the right side of the law and your tenants safe.

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